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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Florida Panthers, Oct 21 at 7PM EDT - The Flying OEL Game


What Should Management do with the Flying Giraffe  

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  1. 1. What Should Management do with the Flying Giraffe

    • Weld him up inside the nearest locker until the season ends
    • Trade him for a dented spit bucket if you have do, just get rid of him
    • Play him in sheltered minutes until the TDL and then flog him off for what may come
    • Send him down to the ECHL / AHL and at least have a bit of cap space and bring up Hirose (or some other likely candidate) for the duration of the season
    • ... Insert alternate choice in comments ...

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42 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Watch OEL score a hattrick against Vancouver, and Myers will be on the ice for all 3 goals.



That will make you wonder if Canucks should have bought out Myers instead of OEL.



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My suggestion is to give him away to first taker in the division.i would love watching petey and brock skate past him lying on the ice a couple times a game or sitting in the penalty box for cross checking miller in the back of the head behind the net.


Easy way to gain a couple of goals on the season playing against him.

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If they lose a third game in a row what does it say about this group? Cole said good teams don't lose two in a row which we already have done. These long road trips really kill our season. How come it feels like no other team starts on the road for a long period of time? Imagine a four game homestand to start a season. I truly believe it's a big reason we have poor starts. Home opener after home opener. 

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3 minutes ago, Devron said:

I don’t even wonder. I know buying out OEL was reckless 

Benning sucked at building a defense. His fault, and everyone knew it was a horrible trade as soon as it happened except Benning. Just tells you how poorly his thinking was. Hurt this franchise quite a bit. Win now has to stop. If it isn't your time it isn't your time. Look how much longer we have to wait to become contenders with thinking and trades like that. All these move to date from Allvin just feel like movement that doesn't accomplish much in terms of on defense. What's really needed is an impact dman but we don't have anything to trade that people want. Such a dilemma right now.

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