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[Proposal] Stanley Cup Aspirations

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F Teddy Blueger

6 years | $2,375,000 AAV


F Dakota Joshua

6 years | $2,275,000 AAV


F Sam Lafferty

6 years | $1,925,000 AAV


D Ian Cole

3 years | $1,250,000 AAV


D Mark Friedman

1 year | $1,125,000 AAV | *Sign & Trade*



F Phil Kessel

2 years | $775,000 AAV | 1-way


F Chase Wouters

2 years | $800,000 AAV | ELC

[NHL • $800,000 | AHL • $100,000]


F Jermaine Loewen

2 years • $800,000 AAV | ELC

[NHL • $800,000 | AHL • $85,000]



VANCOUVER   D Christopher Tanev

                          (VAN) 2026 3rd Round Pick

Calgary retains 50% of Tanevs cap-hit; his 

$4,500,000 AAV is now $2,250,000. The contract expires at the conclusion of the

2023-2024 Season.


CALGARY   D Mark Friedman

                   D Jacob Truscott

                   2025 1st Round Pick

                   2025 7th Round Pick







VANCOUVER   F Reilly Smith

                         (NYR) 2024 7th Round Pick

Pittsburgh retains 40% of Smiths cap-hit; his $5,000,000 AAV is now $3,000,000. The contract expires at the conclusion of the

2024-2025 Season.


PITTSBURGH   F Ilya Mikheyev

                          F Aidan McDonough

                          (SJS) 2024 6th Round Pick







VANCOUVER   G Alex Stalock


ANAHEIM   F Ty Glover



Miller - Pettersson - Hoglander

Smith - Lindholm - Boeser

Joshua - Blueger - Garland

Suter - Lafferty - Kessel

Di Giuseppe         Aman 


Hughes - Tanev 

Zadorov - Myers

Cole - Hronek

Soucy - Juulsen







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Honestly I'd just try for the Pittsburgh trade, some of those signings seem a little odd, e.g. the Blueger for 6 years deal.  Lafferty's probably not worth that much and I doubt Cole takes a paycut when he's very much still a top-4 D.

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Don't hate the trades, they're all quite realistic. The Smith for Mikheyev deal is certainly possible, would suck giving up so many futures on the whole, especially McDonough but I get it. I don't think Lafferty deserves that much, he's really cooled off lately after a hot start playing with Petey so 1M should be enough for him. Hopefully we can keep Blueger and Joshua for under 3M. Truscott can certainly go do one so worth sending him over but that seems like a bit much for Tanev where I think a 1st alone is enough, unless we swap the first for a 2nd (plus all the rest).

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Big Wouters fan so you get a +. 


Think maybe youve been aspirating Kessels cup though.  


Cole is a no from me dawg. 


Lafferty 6 years had me in stitches. It's a lot of long ass term for bottom 6ers and 5/6 D. These are the types of deals that tie a GM's hands to be able to re tool the roster and jump on opportunities. Rosters get stale over time. 

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