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[REPORT] Canucks make contract offer to Filip Hronek

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4 minutes ago, Bardown said:

I think the number is Sat’s opinion. I listened to the interview, Alvin didn’t even give them an idea of term. 

Sat needs to be better with that tweet. By not saying it’s his opinion he’s implying that’s the offer 


and it’s not 


I listened to the interview as well.  He may have gotten more information off the record...

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A little rich, I was hoping for 6-6.5. But if he comes in under 7schmill. I'll happily accept it. Let's get this done, then on to Zadorov, Lindholm, Blueger, and Joshua.......... oh yeah, and DeSmith. We do need a back up, unless Silovs is ready to go.

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6 minutes ago, Provost said:

That would he a solid offer.  I do think they need to see what Hronek is without Hughes more.


Hughes has made a lot of partners look good.  If you are looking at $7+ million a year on max term I would like to think a guy can carry a pairing on his own.


Devon Toews has never really carried a pairing on his own either.  He plays with Makar.  I'm sure Makar makes him look good as well.  Toews has never broken 60 points and is getting $7.25 million...

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2 minutes ago, Sell.the.team said:

Not sure what Z gets / wants but it would be good to keep him under $6m.


We may be able to get value on Joshua if we go 8 years on him. Not sure what that looks like either.

He’s on pace for 56 points so there really is no chance he gets anything less than 6 million.

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3 minutes ago, Bardown said:

Alvin would never let out the terms of an offer 


that’s all confidential and doing so is poor form and would piss off Hronek’s camp


Well he formally announced in the media an offer was made, which is somewhat uncommon in the GM world. 


They may be trying to put public pressure on his camp to close on something reasonable before the summer else he may get traded sooner than later.  A similar tactic may have just been applied with Petey based on how that whole thing went down.

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1 minute ago, Bardown said:

You NEVER do that 

let alone the fact this mgmt team has consistently said we won’t negotiate in public


They just made a first offer

they didn’t negotiate peteys numbers in public 

Alvin literally wouldn’t even tell Sat short or long term 


jesus, people here just want to argue even when it’s nonsense 


First of all, I agree it's a bold strategy. See my first post in this thread.


I'm not trying to argue, just pointing some stuff out.

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