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[GDT] Dallas @ Vancouver, Saturday, November 4th, Rogers Arena, 7pt/10et, HNIC, SN650

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11 minutes ago, DexM94 said:

I’d like to see some promotions. 
Beauvilliers to Miller’s wing

Hoglander to Suter’s wing

DiGuiseppe down to the 4th with Lafferty.

You dont make fancy trials on a team above you in the standings.

We do play the sharks again, might be a good time to see if that stuff works

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Heavyweight meeting between 2 of the best in the west...Dallas is considered a contender and along with Vegas one of the best teams in the league. This wont be easy and its going to be a tough game....im so stoked to watch this game, last before another workperiod. the guys will have some confidence, but they should be aware that this is going to be a tough battle...


Nux win...4-3 LETS GOOO!!! Lets Go Sport GIF by ALL ELITE WRESTLING

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2 hours ago, Elias Pettersson said:

Quinn Hughes in on pace for 131 points.  Just to put that into perspective...


Most points by a defenceman in one season in NHL history:


Bobby Orr - 139

Paul Coffey - 138

Bobby Orr - 135

Paul Coffey - 126

Bobby Orr - 122

Paul Coffey - 121

Bobby Orr - 120

Bobby Orr - 117

Paul Coffey - 113

Paul Coffey - 103

Al MacInnis - 103

Brian Leetch - 102

Denis Potvin - 101

Bobby Orr - 101

Erik Karlsson - 101


Will Quinn Hughes get 131 points this season and make history?

Insane - Orr and Coffey that is. 


It's also a testament to QHs.   Honestly lost faith that we'd see this sort of scoring again.   Housley just missed, think Borque might have been close too.  Josi recently of course too, Potvin and others on the list a couple times too.    To have one of our own is like having a unicorn (100 plus points).    Will be the first to admit in the 80'a and 90's, had D envy lol.    Wanted a guy like Al Mac, Potvin, Borque, Coffey, Robinson or a Chelios pretty bad.    Know Orr is way too much to ask for.   Think we get to play SJ four times this year lol, so expect six points (to hold the club record all on his own, right now he tied Brown), one of those games.  


QHs is already the best defenseman in club history, he also is making a case right now, as the best player we've ever had.    For sure having one of the best seasons right now.    Also should be considered untouchable by the other players now, like McDavid, draw a lot of penalties.   Then go out and burn them.    Adding a goal scoring element to his game...Does Aucion still hold the record for most goals in a season?  Or was that just power play goals or both?  


On pace for 131 points is pretty amazing.    Even taking the outlier games (EDM and SJ), make them 5-1 games instead, QHs is still well on his way to adding his name to a list of special HHOFers. 

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As for this game,  IMO, Dallas is the second best team in the league right now, like a 1b really, they are every bit as good as Vegas.   Luck played into who went to the final last season,  the best series last year was Dallas versus Vegas, and Dallas actually had a tiny the edge in play, Hill was just a little bit better then Oettinger.    As a Canuck fan, was of course rooting for Dallas.   


Heiskanen is one of the leagues best defenseman, of the group of guys over two drafts (what a group!  could rival any two drafts back to back all-time for defenseman),  Makar, Dahlin, Boqvist, Hughes,  Dobson, Bouchard and Heiskanen (probably others too in the weeds), for me anyways it's not Dahlin that's the "next Lidstrom", stylistically it's what Dallas got.    Does everything well, and makes the safe, right plays look as easy as walking in the park.   When he's in his prime, like these other guys, expect great things. 


  So will be fun to see him and QHs go head to head. 


GCG!  We beat Dallas and i'm going to start looking for hotels around when the Canucks might be playing in May. 

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