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The last voyage of the Demeter


The crew of a merchant ship, Demeter attempts to survive the Ocean voyage from Carpathia to London, has they’re stocked each night by merciless presence aboard the ship.




It wasn’t a bad watch, just seems to be missing something. 


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Plane with Gerard Butler and Mike Colter.


Not so predictable. Good storyline with plane and talk about behind scene with headlines. Kinda made me think of missing planes or “ditched” ones now. Worth watching if your into Gerard movies. 



8.5/10 ✈️ 

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Killers of the Flower Moon - 8/10 


Saw it in theatre and Im glad I did.  Not sure I would have appreciated it as much at home.  Excellent story telling.  


The Killer - 8/10


Another limited theatre release.  It has an extremely simple story but w David Fincher’s level of execution. Fassbender is excellent.  Trent Reznor’s soundtrack was unique and awesome.  Loved it- I dont get to see gritty crime dramas all that often. 

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Wes Anderson is not for everybody but I love the guy.  I watched Android City last night and I thought it was one of his best, maybe his best.


Scarlett Johansson was outstanding and can really act (and looks good while doing so).


8/10  (I knew it was going to be weird and silly, but it was a little too much of both at times)




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