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Rate the last tv show you’ve been watching


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9 minutes ago, Bllewellyn said:


can’t say enough about this show . It’s just finished with its third season an it hasn’t disappointed.



Working way through third season now, much darker. 
Watching the Bear, first season was good though a bit agro at times, second season is falling into the Yellowstone trap and has turned into a food porn music video and skipped the story. Like Yellowstone degrading into country music and rodeo videos for half of every episode. 

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Finished succession, last of us and white lotus recently to catch up on all the nominee’s for the Emmy’s.

I loved Succession and will rewatch it again (loved the banter between the Roy’s) 9/10


 The last of us:

stayed pretty true to the video game other than Pittsburg being switched to Kansas City it was pretty great representation.  8/10


White Lotus:

While it has a lot of eye candy and interesting cast, I didn’t feel like it was anything special or what warranted such big accolades.  6/10

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Couple of weeks ago Season 1, Episode 1, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.


From basically giving up on the franchise, much like Star Wars, or all the other franchises lately (Marvel/DC) that have completely crashed into the ground.


I got a likeable crew, a watchable show. That is far better than recent attempts. I'm just waiting for them to screw up season 2. Because I have no faith anymore.


I got 20 minutes into Picard, and turned it off and was so appalled. (News in the 23-24th century like on TV? An Admiral reeming out Picard and swearing. Random Romulan colony on Mars that gets wiped out and it's Picard's fault. Not to mention it's like they have tried to cross the recent Kelvin timeline with the classic timeline. Eff off)


Maybe the issue of the writers stike is that writer's are so underpaid, they just write out crappy, unwatchable scripts.

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Bob’s Burgers

I really like this show it’s not your normal slapstick cartoon it has a lot a little details if you watch for it ,dry humour,its slow and weird not sure why but I enjoy it and I enjoy the beginning where you look at the stores and see all the different signs and stuff that they have there it’s kind of like the Simpsons coach . 

well worth a half hour of watching time 



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