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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Satan's Minions, Where: Prudential Center, When: Jan 6 4PM PST (7PM EST), the WELL FR@CK, Come On Guyz!!, Kuzy In/Out Game

A Couple of Polls  

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  1. 1. Should the polls continue

    • Yes
    • No
    • Fiddlesticks! Lay off them, I would rather have Big Zeke kick me in the nether regions with a frozen work boot and teeth pulled out by a Russian beet farmer than have to suffer another poll from you
    • Absolutely! No one ever asks my opinion on anything so this is a highlight of my day. Why, even the canvassers walk right past my door laughing.
    • Ambivalent - answering a poll, winning the lottery, blood pressure and heart rate don't change ... so meh whatever.
  2. 2. Who will not be on the team come end of January or by TDL for sure ... comments are just my opinion

    • Rick Tocchet (there are a number clamoring for his head but then they also believe the world is flat)
    • Petey ... he is asking for too much so to the airport he goes
    • Ian Cole ... cap space needed
    • Kuzy ... gallons of ink spilled on why he will be out of Van in no time
    • Garland ... well, because the third line needs an upgrade (LOL)
    • None of the above, see my comments below

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If anyone is going to that game, post some in game pics so we can be part of the action vicariously through you ... short vids even better. 



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Thorough 60 minutes. No show boating. Strong net front  presence. More third line time.

Set lines that have us where we are. We are big enough to wear them down.


This would be a beautiful time to get back to our initial seasonal opener.what was not broken needs to  be put back into place.

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1 hour ago, Rocket-68 said:

A Random Hockey Story ... scroll right on past if magazine with centerfolds are more your thing (hey, Hot Rod magazine used to have centerfolds)

New York Rangers Stanley Cup Curse


Everyone knows the big story about how Mark Messier ended the New York Rangers' 54-year Stanley Cup drought. Does anyone know the story about why it became a curse? Other than the blue shirt futility on Broadway, there appears to have been some supernatural concoctions along the way that give much more "valid" reasons behind the championship void.

The 1940 New York Rangers were already in a celebratory mood. The mortgage on the Rangers' home, Madison Square Garden was paid off that year so they decided upon winning the championship they would burn the documents in the cup. Though it has been speculated that the burning documents were extinguished with the urine of Ranger players, particularly Lyn Patrick, that story cannot be confirmed.


Another notable theory is that Red Dutton of the rival New York Americans declared that the Rangers would never win the cup as long as he was alive. Dutton's declaration held true to his passing in 1987 and then some.

Kris Draper Trade

We all know Kris Draper as the center of Detroit's famous "Grind Line" along with Darren McCarty, Kirk Maltby and sometimes Joe Kocur. Draper wasn't drafted by the Red Wings, but he almost came to Hockeytown at an equally affordable price.


Draper played in only 20 games with the Jets in his first four seasons. With limited opportunities to crack the Winnipeg lineup, he was traded to Detroit in 1993 for $1. The "One Dollar Man" went on to play 1137 games for Detroit, winning four Stanley Cups and a Selke Award in 2004 as the league's top defensive forward.


Not sure if it was an American dollar or Canadian (McCarty says it was Canadian), but that's a steal either way.


Glen Hall

Cal Ripken is universally regarded as the "Ironman" in sports for his consecutive games streak. While showing up for work everyday is something that most of us shmoes do every day with much less fanfare, the rigors of professional sports take more of a toll on us than sitting in a cubicle for eight hours a day.


Cal may have some competition when you consider the consecutive game streak of Glenn Hall. Though he is probably the most viewed goalie in the history of hockey, only NHL purists recognize him in the picture. Hall is probably remembered as much for his pre-game ritual as he is for his consecutive game streak. Before every game Hall would vomit, and then drink a glass of orange juice.


Amazingly the acid content in his gullet allowed him to play in 502 consecutive games (and 49 playoff games), a record that will never be broken by an NHL goalie. His consistency was rivaled only by his excellent play in goal. Nicknamed "Mr. Goalie," Hall would win three Vezina trophies and two Stanley Cups while playing with the Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues.


Source: https://www.bleacherreport.com/articles/1487237-the-most-outrageous-but-true-tales-in-nhl-history 


---- Now for the Game Day Thread ----



Well, the FR@CK comes from the last game. A winnable game for sure but just couldn't quite close the deal. Let's face it though, all games are winnable, just like all games are loseable (is that even a word). The moral of the story is that no games are a gimme, just like games in hand are nice but you still have to win then - ask the LA Kings about that.


Quinn Hughes, of the recent all-star game selection, will get another chance to lay a beat down on his brothers although it seems Jack may be questionable, to be determined. Canucks played the devils last month and stormed back from 3 goals down in the third only to lose with about 30 seconds left in the period when a defensive miscue left before Bratt potted New Jersey's 6th goal - was at the game and what a massive let down that was. More of the same though please from the Canucks, but need to tighten up and make the the vast majority of the rubber is loaded into the New Jersey net than behind DeSmith.


The Canucks third line has been their best of the past 5 games and while that is fantastic for Beluga, Garfield and Joshua Tree, that is not great for the Canucks. The rest of the team needs to wake up otherwise CanuckFanForever will be preening like a peacock that just have his fan tail refreshed with a sub-500 prediction turning out right. 




You know the drill, GO BUY A TICKET AND throw random objects at the opposing team. If you are at the game at Prune Juice Center, send some live action pics please. Post your best one liners just hurled at the Devils bench, and the zebras as needed. Otherwise go to your local watering hole and support your team and swill some beer.


TV: Sportsnet Pacific, SportsNet 1 MSGSN

Radio: SportsNet 650

Streaming: lots on various Reddit threads 


By the Numbers




Match up Info

Canucks’ Best over the Last Five:

  • Teddy Blueger: 1g-5a-6p
  • Dakota Joshua: 2g-3a-5p
  • Conor Garland: 2g-3a-5p
  • J.T. Miller: 1g-4a-5p
  • Quinn Hughes: 1g-4a-5p


  • The Devils currently sit with a 20-14-2 record and will be on the second night of back-to-backs in their home barn.
  • Michael McLeod has been excellent in the faceoff dot this season – he has won 66.4% of his 509 faceoffs. McLeod is projected to centre the third line but will also see time on the penalty kill.
  • Timo Meier did not play on Friday night and is not expected to be in the lineup for New Jersey on Saturday night.
  • Projected starter Nico Daws has a total of 27 starts in his NHL career and sports a 12-11-1 record with a .894% save percentage over his young career.







Da Roster




Now you just KNOW that Kuz gets back in the lineup for this game, right? RIGHT??











Da Zebras


Now for some fun stuff

Vancouver Canucks 1997/1998 Goon Squad (Fights, Hits, Cheapshots) [HQ]


Top Ten NHL Hockey Fights of Rick Rypien (Heart of a Lion, RIP Ripper)


Trade Garland now well his value is at peak or live with him 2 more years at 4.95 mill per season. This is the Canucks worse contract. Myers money is place holding for EP40 raise

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Team's can't continue losing in the home building of a "fairly" level opponent for ten years or so

without some head space stuff on the go?

Shake it up team: tinfoil hat says...6 to 4...Kuzy with the winner.



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Devils played last night and looked good, we haven't looked great the last little while. We desperately need a win to steady the ship and not fall too far in the standings. Great teams don't go on losing streaks. Obviously NJD have owned us lately so we need a bit of a miracle here, especially with our top-6 not producing much lately.


If ever there's a time for a goalie to steal us a game it's now, pray for Demko to put on a big performance in a huge matchup.


2-0 Canucks in a playoff-type game.

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Great job op.   Not sure half the team we have now would have survived 97-98 lol.   When you hear some folks complaining about team toughness, or toughness in general, hockey pre  2010ish, sure was a lot different.    Not an easy era to score in, or stay healthy, definitely not tame.   Was at a couple of those games that turned into massacres back.   One thing we can say about the Keenan era, is they were mean teams, could never understand why JB wouldn't add more of that when we were rebuilding. 

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7 hours ago, CanuckFanForever said:

Trade Garland now well his value is at peak or live with him 2 more years at 4.95 mill per season. This is the Canucks worse contract. Myers money is place holding for EP40 raise

Not really.    Even strength points ... good luck finding many guys that can score 48- 52, making 4.95, averaging 13:33 minutes a game this year ... Felt we needed a 3C that can move up, if we can manage that, and

he's a 20/20 guy for similar money on the 3rd line, then sure maybe.    Obviously Myers is the worst contract right now, it's his last year.   We aren't in a rebuild mode right now.     Agree we'd get something for him though, and am fine with any trade if it makes the team better both now and in the future ... so you have a point there.   Ilya Mikheyev IMO, is on par with Garlands deal ... and Kuzmenko's too.   One them for sure could be used to do something.  What exactly, not sure.    Messing with our depth line that has lots of chemistry, it sure would need to be a great trade. 

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