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[Proposal / Would you] Crosby

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17 minutes ago, Fan Abroad said:

Would you trade a couple 1st's + for Crosby? 

I could be wrong but I think he is a UFA so it would likely be as a rental. 


No, he's good for another year after this.  He does have a full no-movement clause.  I'm sure he would want some time to think about going to another team.  If Pittsburgh really wants to blow it up, they can try and deal him in the summer.  The trade deadline is too fast and too soon.

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Absolutely zero chance Crosby gets traded, a bit like Ovi, they're going down with their ships the way the Sedins did, but the Penguins will of course make a good trading partner with us with all their history. They have some nice forwards there. 6 points out of a playoff spot but they're better than their record suggests so I think they'll make a push, but if they're say 8+ points out at the TDL, I wonder which direction they'll go in. I just doubt their GM is going to let any sort of rebuild happen but they're quite trade-happy so maybe we can convince them into a retool sort of thing...


Top end guys are obviously Crosby (not happening) or Guentzel. Middle-tier guys are Rust, Rakell or Riley Smith. Not sure any of those 3 make our team better apart from Rust who's having a great year. I would like to throw Marcus Pettersson's name into the mix, he's a guy I really wanted last off-season as our young, solid shutdown 2LD to back-up Hughes.


Guentzel would cost us a 1st + some sort of forward who can score in return (Kuzmenko is the obvious choice here but Garland's name could be thrown around) and then a very solid prospect surely or another 1st or 2nd. I think prospect-wise you're looking at a B+grade guy like D. Petey but you know they'll ask for Lekkerimaki. Bit rich for my blood then but you've got to consider it. We add a top scorer in the league who's 29 and has maybe what, 3 good years left, but needs to be re-signed. 


Rust has an ugly long contract for an older guy but is playing to it quite nicely now, but it won't age well. He plays solid defensively as well, might be a Tocchet-kinda guy but it's a risky play and would probably just be a 1-for-1 Kuzmenko/Garland swap but I doubt it makes our team better.


I'd love Pettersson but again it'd cost us big time, we're probably thinking 1st + Kuzmenko + young defenceman/prospect as well (D.Petey?)

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Sidney Crosby is the dream.  It would make up for losing Gretzky not once but twice, and ending up with Messier.


I think IF Crosby did agree to be traded, and he has to agree as he as a NMC, it would happen in the summer.  He has one year left at $8.7 million.  If a trade happens in the summer then Pittsburgh could retain 50% of the contract.  I would assume if Crosby is traded they would blow it all up.  Problem is they still would have Letang, Karlsson and Malkin on the team.


Another option would be Malkin.  He actually has a good contract at $6.1 million for two more years.  He could play with the other Russians and have an all Russian line to go with the Lotto Line.  


For either player, we would need to give up our 2024 and 2025 1st round picks, a roster player with salary to balance the trade (Kuzmenko, Mikheyev or Garland would be the choices), and probably Lekkerimaki or Willander.  I wouldn't trade Lekkerimaki or Willander.  I'd give them Hoglander though.




2024 1st

2025 1st


Kuzmenko or Mikheyev or Garland


For either Crosby or Malkin.  For Crosby we might have to add another prospect or draft pick.  I'm okay with adding a 2026 2nd plus Podkolzin to my proposal to seal the deal.  At the end of the day, it's a once in a lifetime kinda move to get Crosby.  He could probably play another 4 years, so it wouldn't be a rental situation.  


The other more drastic option is that Petey requests a trade, so we move him for assets and then those assets can be used to get Crosby.  Another option is to trade Petey and keep all of those trade assets and then sign Stamkos as a UFA for free in the summer.  I'd like that move as well.  That could be a real game changer if we could sign Stamkos for free and get a top end forward for Petey plus a Dman plus a couple of first round picks.  I'd hate to trade Petey, but this option really sets us up for today and the future and we avoid paying a player $12 million...

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I agree Crosby is a Penguin for life but if he was to waive his ntc, I’m sure it would be to a legit contender and possibly we have enough familiar faces that we could be attractive……but enough dreaming……

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2 hours ago, Hammertime said:

Hell to the naw. Would disrupt our team chemistry. Huggy is our cap Miller's our Kes Pete's looking like 100 point Mason Raymond out there. They can practically give us the prez trophy right now. 



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Yup I'd trade a ton for Crosby by this deadline for this playoff run and all of next season. 


Couple 1st, a great prospect and a roster player to make the cash work (they may need to retain a little, which should be fine cause they'll be rebuilding if they did this).


However, I think he and the Pens say no to a trade. They are still in the fight for a playoff spot and I think a big part of him wants to retire in Pitts. 

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Me I think it would cost something close to


Lekker, Karlson,Garland, McDonough

1st and 4th when then retain 


We get Crosby, then we trade for Maroon which might cost a 5th maybe 4th.


That would make us the favorites to win Lord Stanley.


Crosby knows the city , GM and might just say yes.


That's a lot to give up but would make us better and contenders for two years.


After that we still have a couple D that should come In and couple forwards.


End of Crosby's last year at draft trade him back for a 7th so he retires a Pen.

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How is this even a legit thread, lol.


Crosby will retire a Penguin.  The dude’s a legend. This isn’t a Ray Bourque situation where Crosby will try and chase a cup. 

You *might* be able to sign Malkin once his contract expires (0.1% chance) but this Crosby shit ain’t happening. 

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