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Hypothetical Poll - Decade of Dominance or Just ONE Cup Before I Die

What say you?  

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  1. 1. What say you?

    • Win the cup this year but suffer 9 years of lameness?
    • Never win The Cup but 10 years of incredibly exciting compete and near the top of the standings every season?
    • I hate this poll. This question sucks. I refuse to answer. Whoever thought this up should be shot and banned from following our team

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Pretty straightforward.


You have to choose one or the other


Canucks clear the cupboards to bring in Tanev and another top 6 no one thought would even be available and it leads to an incredibly dominant Stanley Cup run that bring the Holy Grail to Vancouver for the first time in franchise history in the spring of 2024. Sadly, we never make the playoffs again until 2034




JR and PA play it a little bit safe and we make it to the final round this year but fall short to the Bruins. We continue to compete at the top of the league for the next decade due to excellent asset management and determined play by excellent players, never bowing out earlier than the third round yet never once winning the cup.




Win the cup this year but suffer 9 years of lameness OR Never win The Cup but 10 years of incredibly exciting compete and near the top of the standings every season?


What say you?

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sorry, but I'm a little bit greedy on this subject....

I want 6 cups in a row... mainly to shut up those Oiler fans about their dominance in the 80's. 


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I know it's a silly question but really should be -


Do we sacrifice all of our futures for one stab at a cup this year when everyone's in their prime, or do we hold back a bit and try to compete for the cup consistently over the next few years but at a lower-percentage rate?


One stab is quite tricky because so many factors can affect your chances in the playoffs, from hot goalies to injuries to matchups. I'd rather we consistently contend at a lower level than go all-out for one year. If it was a window of 2-3 years then great, but the plays we've made/are maybe making are really just for this year (no chance we keep all our veteran defencemen + Tanev, then no chance we sign Lindholm either).

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You could say 2044, and it's still cup.    Odds are, on average, one cup every 32 years.   Somewhat like a coin,  flip it 99 times in a row and get tails, it's still 50/50 of getting heads the 100th flip.   There is zero guarantee's that each core will do as well as the previous ones.   Same inversely.    100% a cup. 

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2 hours ago, Nucker67 said:

Thought there'd be a poll...


I'd be happy with a Cup followed by several years of high draft picks, and then another Cup, and so on... 

There was. I must have messed up. Created post then had to run out to do family stuff. Came home now to have a look and saw no poll. Not sure what the heck I did wrong but will try to fix it now

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I'll rephrase the question.


Because we've already had 3 one and done's, and didn't get anywhere.


Look at Tampa. The year they were dominant they got eliminated in the first round by Columbus.


The next two years they won the Stanley Cup twice.


I want to win the cup, but I want to have a team deep enough, that if we don't make it the first time. We will the next time.


Winning the cup is what matters. But sometimes you get injuries, possible suspensions, or another team gets a hot goalie.


I'm confident this team has what it takes, the way Tocc has them playing. But I don't want an all or nothing approach, and the team loses in the first or second round.



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