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[Discussion] Let's play Name the Utah team!

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Now that the Arizona Coyotes are officially on their way to Utah, I figured we should take a stab at naming the team.... you know, to help them out!


I'll go first



The Utah Polygamists


I'm envisioning really inappropriate jersey designs now... 


And, the crowd goes wild...

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30 minutes ago, Northern_Nuck said:

Utah Multiwives



lol but for real


Utah Venom

Utah Blizzard 

Utah Fury



 are the names they’re considering. 

I like Utah Polygamists better than Multiwives....

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Bettman just said Utah is a fast growing market. I mean, if you have 5 or 6 wives, of course you're going to grow fast. Probably die from exhaustion or a heart attack, but you're going to quickly increase your numbers!!!






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the Utah HC ( hockey club ) 


is this to show just how STUPID the American fans are?  


I personally think being the Beehive state, they should go more along the lines of the Swarm, or Sting(ers), Hornets, Killer Bees. 

I think the Saints would be  too controversial, although having the Saints in the SC finals vs the New Jersey Devils would be epic.


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