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Hunter Brzustewicz | D

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  • PickleCanuck changed the title to Hunter Brzustewicz | D
1 hour ago, PickleCanuck said:

For his first prospect tourney I think he's exceeded my expectations which were already pretty high.. I'm loving our D prospect pool... this upcoming draft is pretty D heavy so we can add some more top end with these guys and have one of the more solid prospect pools.

He, along with Raty, Bains and Hirose, stand out for having such excellent poise and vision when they have the puck, especially when playing in a fairly loose system with little familiarity with teammates. You're right - really impressive first two games.

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4 hours ago, JIAHN said:

Just watched the Hunter interview (thanks for posting @PickleCanuck ), what a bright, articulate, and mature, young man. Really nice to see. I remember reading all the prospect reviews on him, and seeing him projected in the early to middle second round. It will be great to watch his progression.

Absolutely he was definitely the best pick at the spot, definitely trending upwards in value him and Mynio were solid picks.

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58 minutes ago, eeeeeeeeergh said:

this guy was my choice if we had kept the additional 1st round pick


deserved to go in the 1st round imo

I mean ASP is off to a pretty hot start. I really liked Hameenaho, Brindley, and Richie if we went with a fwd I probably had Sale as BPA but he was kinda more of what ails us and since we already grabbed our D man I felt those 3 fwds brought the most to the table in terms of complementing our core. It's no secret that Pekarcik was my guy from very early on last year with the Hunter pick but I was thrilled with Hunter I really didn't think he would be available when we got him I was very happy with the pick even if Pekarcik went with the next pick I think Hunter was the right choice I was extremely pleased with his play at the youngstars too.

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On 10/10/2023 at 8:48 AM, Wing said:

Appreciate folks who continue to provide updates on our prospects. I haven't been excited with our prospects for a long long time, especially our D prospects. 


That feels so foreign 🤣

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