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ALL-IN ALLVIN is here to stay [multi year extension]

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5 hours ago, MeanSeanBean said:



“Patrik has done a terrific job in helping us rebuild our hockey team both on and off the ice,” said Rutherford. “He has worked tirelessly to create a new culture and identity that embodies the important attributes of hard work, structure and dedication. With an ever present win the day mentality, Patrik’s leadership skills will be a key driver for our organization moving forward.”


The first Swedish General Manager in NHL history, Allvin was named the 12th GM in Canucks franchise history on January 26, 2022, and during his time in Vancouver, the Leksand, Sweden native has made a number of key moves to improve the hockey team.


Well earned, it's been incredible the turn around this new management has accomplished in their short time at the helm.

my guess this cements my prediction, that Jim is no longer with the club after this season... EDIT****SORRY... yeesh... didnt realize he re-signed... 5 kwats... my feelings are hurt...

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With a core that includes 2 top centres (Petey and Miller), a franchise altering defenceman in Hughes, and a Vezina candidate in Demko... combined with a management group that seems to be able to scout pro talent better than almost any management group we've had in the past, this may be the best opportunity this franchise has ever had to winning a Cup. 

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It took me a long time to warm up to Alvin. His interviews certainly don’t inspire me and he seemed lacking in NHL experience but he has been ruthlessly efficient at turning this roster around. Great signing. 

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Well deserved extension in my opinion. So far their pro-scouting has been phenomenal. None of their trades/picks ups has been a “bust”.


Bringing in Hronek, Soucy, Cole, Zadorav on the blue line has completely revamped our D in just a single year. Crazy how incompetent our defence has been the last 10 years. Desmith for Tanner Pearson was a steal. 

At the front Sutr/Bluegar really solidified our center depth. Joshua/Lafferty have been excellent bottom 6 additions. 

There is not a single player that has failed that they’ve brought in.


Drafting has been great too Willander and Lekkerimaki seem like the real deal.



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I think this is great news. He has done great job. 

I worry that everything we see is that we are all in, every pic and prospect potentially available as running for the cup because of half a great season.  Especially after 2 previous seasons where we were very good for half a season, just the back half. 

This is a first step in the process of a great team. If we can find deals like Hronek I am ecstatic with that.  First should be available for a young cost controlled player that compliments the group.   

I love the games of both Tanev’s, I wish that Benning never let Chris walk and he retired with us. It would be nuts to trade a first rounder or significant prospect for a 34 year old soon to be UFA Chris Tanev because we have had half a great year.  Most of a season of Zad was a 3rd and 5th, yeah cap math worked easier but still. 

I really would prefer to have a bit more cost certainty around EP and Hronek before we go nuts on something we may or may not be able to figure out cap wise like a Guentzel.


Great season so far. Would not mess with the third line.  Top 6 could probably use a tweak and a bit more size WITH mobility. Podz may come in for 4th line role in playoffs too. 

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You know, I have to give one thing to @King Heffy. He said he wasn't going to support JR and PA before this season began and he still manages to emote "sad" despite all of the success we're having. He does stick to his guns no matter how outmatched he is at this point.

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