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2023-2024 GDT Signup & Archive Thread


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Welcome to the GDT signup and archive thread! This thread serves as the place to signup to create a GDT, as well as the place for all GDT's from the 2023-2024 season to be archived, so that our work is never lost. I proudly volunteer to host this thread and update it throughout the season. If you see a game that is marked "Unclaimed" that means this game is free for anyone to create the GDT! If you'd like to claim a game, please reply to this thread requesting to claim it. Before posting/claiming a GDT, please check in the replies to make sure that no one else has already requested the GDT. First come, first serve! Important: When you create your GDT, please try to post the link here, that makes it much easier for it to be archived.


Mod Notes: 

For those making GDTs: Ideally, we like to have GDTs up and posted between 24 and 48 hours before the start of the game. Too early and it throws people off, but we want ample time before the game for members to discuss the game in advance of it.


Also, if no one signs up for a GDT and we're within 24 hours of the game without a GDT created, anyone should feel free to create the GDT, as long as it's got at least some basic info about the game.


Post-Game Thread (PGT)

Additionally, if you are creating the GDT, please also do your best to create the PGT as well. You can create the PGT as soon as the game ends. Avoid putting the score in the PGT thread title to avoid spoilers. PGTs are much simpler and ideally, simply place a link or an image of the boxcore in the first post, as well as a link to the highlights once they're available.

2023-2024 Pre-Season
Sept. 24th @ Calgary Flames - @Slegr - Link
Sept. 27th @ Edmonton Oilers - @Truefan99 - Link
Sept. 28th @ Seattle Kraken - @Truefan99 - Link
Sept. 30th vs. Edmonton Oilers - @Truefan99 - Link
Oct. 4th vs. Seattle Kraken - @CRAZY_4_NAZZY - Link
Oct. 6th vs. Calgary Flames - @Rocket-68 - Link

2023-2024 Regular Season
Oct. 11th vs. Edmonton Oilers - @Chickenspear - Link
Oct. 14th @ Edmonton Oilers - @Rocket-68 - Link
Oct. 17th @ Philadelphia Flyers - @Rocket-68 - Link
Oct. 19th @ Tampa Bay Lightning - @Chickenspear - Link
Oct. 21st @ Florida Panthers - @Rocket-68 - Link
Oct. 24th @ Nashville Predators - @Chickenspear - Link
Oct. 27th vs. St. Louis Blues - @Rocket-68 - Link
Oct. 28th vs. New York Rangers - @Rocket-68 - Link
Oct. 31st vs. Nashville Predators - @Roberts - Link
Nov. 2nd @ San Jose Sharks - @Rocket-68 - Link
Nov. 4th vs. Dallas Stars - @Chickenspear - Link
Nov. 6th vs. Edmonton Oilers - @Dankmemes187 - Link
Nov. 9th @ Ottawa Senators - @John.Tallhouse - Link
Nov. 11th @ Toronto Maple Leafs - @Rocket-68 - Link
Nov. 12th @ Montreal Canadiens - @Rocket-68 - Link
Nov. 15th vs. New York Islands - @JoGuitar - Link
Nov. 16th @ Calgary Flames - @Lewlowned - Link
Nov. 18th vs. Seattle Kraken - @twonum - Link
Nov. 20th vs. San Jose Sharks - @Rocket-68 - Link
Nov. 22nd @ Colorado Avalanche - @The Aquaman - Link
Nov. 24th @ Seattle Kraken - @Chickenspear - Link
Nov. 25th @ San Jose Sharks - @Rocket-68 - Link
Nov. 28th vs. Anaheim Ducks - @Chickenspear - Link
Nov. 30th vs. Vegas Golden Knights - @Rocket-68 - Link
Dec. 2nd @ Calgary Flames - @Rocket-68 - Link
Dec. 5th vs. New Jersey Devils - @John.Tallhouse - Link
Dec. 7th vs. Minnesota Wild - @Chickenspear - Link
Dec. 9th vs. Carolina Hurricanes - @Rocket-68 - Link
Dec. 12th vs. Tampa Bay Lightning - @Rocket-68 - Link
Dec. 14th vs. Florida Panthers - @Crimson JH - Link
Dec. 16th @ Minnesota Wild - @Jaimito - Link
Dec. 17th @ Chicago Blackhawks - @Rocket-68 - Link
Dec. 19th @ Nashville Predators - @Rocket-68 - Link
Dec. 21st @ Dallas Stars - @Chickenspear - Link
Dec. 23rd vs. San Jose Sharks - @Jim McMahon - Link
Dec. 28th vs. Philadelphia Flyers - @Rocket-68 - Link
Jan. 2nd vs. Ottawa Senators - @Roberts - Link
Jan. 4th @ St. Louis Blues - @Chickenspear - Link
Jan. 6th @ New Jersey Devils - @Rocket-68 - Link
Jan. 8th @ New York Rangers - @futurefilm - Link
Jan. 9th @ New York Islanders - @John.Tallhouse - Link
Jan. 11th @ Pittsburgh Penguins - @Chickenspear - Link
Jan. 13th @ Buffalo Sabres - @John.Tallhouse - Link
Jan. 15th @ Columbus Blue Jackets - @Goal_thecup - Link
Jan. 18th vs. Arizona Coyotes - @Goal_thecup - Link
Jan. 20th vs. Toronto Maple Leafs - @Rocket-68 - Link
Jan. 22nd vs. Chicago Blackhawks - @Jaimito - Link
Jan. 24th vs. St. Louis Blues - @Chickenspear - Link
Jan. 27th vs. Columbus Blue Jackets - @Jaimito - Link
Feb. 6th @ Carolina Hurricanes - @OldFaithfulcap - Link
Feb. 8th @ Boston Bruins - @Rocket-68 - Link
Feb. 10th @ Detroit Red Wings - @OldFaithfulcap - Link
Feb. 11th @ Washington Capitals - @OldFaithfulcap - Link
Feb. 13th @ Chicago Blackhawks - @Rocket-68 - Link
Feb. 15th vs. Detroit Red Wings - @OldFaithfulcap - Link
Feb. 17th vs. Winnipeg Jets - @Rocket-68 - Link
Feb. 19th @ Minnesota Wild - @Jaimito - Link
Feb. 20th @ Colorado Avalanche - @OldFaithfulcap - Link
Feb. 22nd @ Seattle Kraken - @Crimson JH - Link
Feb. 24th vs. Boston Bruins - @Rocket-68 - Link
Feb. 27th vs. Pittsburgh Penguins - @DANJRLink
Feb. 29th vs. Los Angeles Kings - @John.Tallhouse - Link
Mar. 3rd @ Anaheim Ducks - @OldFaithfulcap - Link
Mar. 5th @ Los Angeles Kings - @Rocket-68 - Link
Mar. 7th @ Vegas Golden Knights - @OldFaithfulcap - Link
Mar. 9th vs. Winnipeg Jets - @Rocket-68 - Link
Mar. 13th vs. Colorado Avalanche - @Chickenspear - Link
Mar. 16th vs. Washington Capitals - @futurefilm - Link
Mar. 19th vs. Buffalo Sabres - @OldFaithfulcap - Link
Mar. 21st vs. Montreal Canadiens - @Rocket-68 - Link
Mar. 23rd vs. Calgary Flames - @OldFaithfulcap - Link
Mar. 25th vs. Los Angeles Kings - @Chickenspear - Link
Mar. 28th vs. Dallas Stars - @Rocket-68 - Link
Mar. 31st vs. Anaheim Ducks - @Rocket-68 - Link
Apr. 2nd @ Vegas Golden Knights - @Rocket-68 - Link
Apr. 3rd @ Arizona Coyotes - @Chickenspear - Link
Apr. 6th @ Los Angeles Kings - @Rocket-68 - Link
Apr. 8th vs. Vegas Golden Knights - @Chickenspear - Link
Apr. 10th vs. Arizona Coyotes - @OldFaithfulcap - Link
Apr. 13th @ Edmonton Oilers - @Goal_thecup - Link
Apr. 16th vs. Calgary Flames - @Goal_thecup - Link
Apr. 18th @ Winnipeg Jets - @Goal_thecup - Link

2023-2024 Playoffs (Round 1)

Game 1 vs. Nashville Predators - @OldFaithfulcap - Link

Game 2 vs. Nashville Predators - @Chickenspear - Link
Game 3 @ Nashville Predators - @Roberts
Game 4 @ Nashville Predators - @Goal_thecup
*Game 5 vs. Nashville Predators - @Rocket-68
*Game 6 @ Nashville Predators - Unclaimed
*Game 7 vs. Nashville Predators - Unclaimed

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2 minutes ago, Roberts said:

Update: Done! @Ribs I was thinking this could be the official signup and archive thread for this season's GDT's. Instead of a giant archive with a billion links, we would just run it by season. Thoughts? 😀

Perfection 🙂

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  • Ribs pinned this topic
9 hours ago, Snoop Hogg said:

Will the PTS challenge be up and running this season?


8 hours ago, Roberts said:

Edit: @Goalie29 is here!


You were the one running the points challenge correct? Hope I'm not mixing you up with someone else.

Yes, I am here, I just took the opportunity to update my jersey number.  And yes, PTSC will be here.  I'll have the thread posted a few days ahead of the season opener.

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22 minutes ago, Slegr said:

Hi Roberts, sorry, I hadn’t seen this when I started a training camp / preseason thread. I’m happy for that thread to just be training camp (and not preseason) if that works. Didn’t mean to step on toes. @Roberts

Hey no worries! I think having the thread just for training camp might be the best idea, usually more users come online for the pre season games, so we usually do a GDT/PGT combination thread for each game. Sept 24th is all yours!

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4 minutes ago, Crimson JH said:

I’ll be at that game after the Winter Classic! 🙂 

Nice!! I hope it goes well! 😃


Just now, Crimson JH said:

Also, I want to try and give it a shot on creating a GDT. May I have the Feb 22nd slot for Seattle? 

All yours!!

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Next preseason game is free. If anyone wants it just lemme know.


If anyone ever wants to help out with this thread, you can do so by simply posting GDT links in this thread! It allows me to quickly and easily archive the GDT. I will try my best to stay on top of archiving regardless.

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